Every homeowner needs to make sure that the electrical system within their residence is safe. One of the best ways of ensuring this is by having a reliable certified electrician in Adelaide.  Get Fused Electrical has a team of certified electricians with the experience and skill set to tackle any electrical project.

If you don’t hire a professional, then you’re only wasting time and money on electrical repairs.

Instead, a professional electrician will have you at ease knowing that the repairs will be up to code, while proper safety measures are put in place. One of the bigger projects that requires a professional and not a cheap electrician is fuse box replacement and repairs. 

Why do you have to replace your panel?

From time to time, a household must ensure they don’t have a faulty circuit breaker or an outdated fuse box since one mistake may cause a severe hazard. A certified and licensed electrician could help you distinguish when to repair and when to replace. An unskilled electrician may not have the experience to recognize the warning signs for immediate electrical repairs. So when it comes to panel replacement, these are some of the reasons why you need to consider help from a certified professional electrician nearby.

The circuit breakers trip when you plug-in home appliance devices often

When your electric system triggers a breaker to trip, you can typically just reset it as well as return to normal usage. Breakers that trip frequently, signal a more significant problem like an inundated circuit.

  • You are utilizing an obsolete circuit box

If your circuit panel has a split-buss model, which depends on a half-dozen breakers as opposed to a single main breaker, a replacement may be in order. There have been a number of electric panels that have been recalled. If you have an older circuit breaker unit, then you’re putting your property at risk of fire.

  • There’s a burning odor originating from the electric panel

If the breaker’s wire hangs, then, the smell suggests that the wire’s insulation has melted.

  • Lights flicker periodically

Your interior lights should dim only when linked up to a dimmer switch. Any other circumstances of dimming or flickering signal an issue with your electric panel.

  • A humming or snapping sound is originating from the electrical outlets

A humming noise is just one of many signs that the switch might be going bad. Buzzing, popping, or breaking noises when the switch is turned on may well imply that it is defective or worn.

  • You see burn marks around receptacles

Burn marks are something that needs to be taken seriously considering that it’s an indication that your panel overheats as a result of substantial usage and also higher temps.

  • You notice burn marks around receptacles

Burn marks are something that should be taken seriously since it is a sign your panel overheats due to heavy use and high temperatures.

These warning signs should not be ignored to avoid unnecessary harm and hazards like fire. A malfunctioning electrical system has no place for your home. That’s why it’s important to know who to call, should an electrical emergency arise.  Get Fused Electrical is home of licensed electricians in Adelaide that could prevent you from all of those. 

Our goal is not just focused on our business but also on our customers’ safety before conducting any electrical system changes at home. We inspect and study the electrical wirings and connections first before taking action to avoid risks and know the real cause of the problem.

So if you are looking for a certified electrician nearby, Get Fused Electrical should be your first choice. We are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing clients with utmost emergency and provide 24/7 electrical services such as panel replacements, aluminum rewiring, remodels, safety switch installation, generator installation, outdoor lighting, air conditioning installation, hot water tank replacement, new constructions, safety inspections, smoke alarms, and much more.